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The Kata Master Junior by Tokaido was specially developed for the body proportions of children and adolescents, who want to participate in Kata competitions. The narrow cut makes the little ones look like the big ones at belt exams and championships. Especially with very expensive uniforms, it often gives the impression that the child is wearing the parents’ karate suit and sinking into it. Due to the careful selection of the material, the karate gi can be offered at a fair price and does not have to be bought exaggeratedly. Which ensures the desired body silhouette from the start. Therefore, more expensive is not always better.


  • Slim Fit Karate Gi: The slim cut was adapted to the physique of children and adolescents. Trousers with a wide, soft elastic waistband: easy to put on and take off. Secure fit, without pressure points.
  • Karate suit with WKF approval: Can also be worn easily at international championships.
  • Practical washing instructions as QR code: Simply scan and find out more.
  • 100% cotton feels pleasantly soft and does not rub.
  • Sturdy 12 oz. fabric stands out from the usual beginner suits due to the flawless look and great sound.
  • Attractive Tokaido logo embroidered on the right chest and back.
  • Colored shoulder embroidery is also possible for an additional charge.
  • The delivery includes: jacket and pants (without belt)
  • JKA left chest embroidery.

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