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The “Kumite Master Junior” by Tokaido was specially developed for children and karate beginners. Its features make it a perfect Gi not only for daily training but also for entry into national and international competitions.


The cut was adapted for the physique of adolescents.
Light blended fabric: The breathable fabric feels pleasantly soft and does not rub.
No glimpses there even with normal sweating opaque.
Karate uniform with WKF approval: For a professional appearance at championships.
Attractive Tokaido logo embroidered on the right chest and back.
Can also be easily used as a replacement suit for adults.
The karate gi was developed in such a way that it dries quickly regardless of sweat or water.
Colored shoulder embroidery is also possible for an additional charge.
The delivery includes: jacket and pants (without belt)

+ two pcs ( one red and one blue WKF competition belt)

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